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Amatorystore Review ****

06/20/2010 00:26
PROS: Site accepts credit card payments. There is a wide range of merchandise available from the site, including Swiss and Japanese replica watches, jewelry, handbags, cell phones, and accessories. Site offers a warranty of six months on Japanese replica watches and twelve month for Swiss ETA...

Perfectwatches Review ****

11/22/2009 00:36
PROS: Accepts credit cards and echecks, offers fourteen days refund policy and 6-month warranty for their replica watches. They give substantial discounts for bulk orders as well as frequent promotions and gifts. If their watches get the same attention to detail as their site, then you will get a... Review ***

06/16/2011 09:33
PROS: Big collection of Rolex and other famous brands replicas. Straightforward return policy conditions, this retailer will refund shipping cost return if the return is a result of their error. CONS: Don’t accept MasterCard payments. Prices are 20-30% above average. For shipping with... Review ***

12/15/2011 12:44
PROS: Five detailed picture of actual imitations. This store offers a ten days refund policy without restocking fee and 12 month guarantee for mechanical failure. CONS: Features only Swiss replica watches. There are obvious errors in some of the watch replications. For example this fake Tag... Review ***

07/19/2011 20:13
PROS: Features an extensive collection of knockoff watches, handbags, belts, hats, sunglasses and designer jewelry imitations. Accept Visa and Master Card. Offers refund if you ship the watch back within seven days. CONS:  You can return the watch for a refund, but you will be... Review ***

03/30/2010 10:57
PROS: Accepts credit cards, offers 14 day refund and replacement policy. There is free shipping for three item orders and a twelve month warranty. CONS: Customer service rating (given by customers themselves) is pretty low. If you choose to send your watch back for a full refund you will get only a... Review ***

05/30/2010 16:16
PROS: Accepts credit cards, offers seven day full refund and one year replacement policy. Nice replica watches guide and articles - these guys know what they sell. Very straight forward return policy! CONS: Prices are 20-30% higher than average. Testimonials are fake - there are only... review ***

10/14/2010 18:38
 PROS: Accept credit cards, offers 10 day refund policy, 12 month warranty for their Swiss replica watches. One of only a few fake Rolex sites that have a working guest book where customers can interrelate with each other. What I love about this site is their pictures and deals. CONS:... Review ***

09/23/2011 14:02
PROS: This online store offers a wide collection of replica watches, handbags and jewelry. It accepts Visa and AMEX. A 10 days refund policy is available if for any reason customers are not satisfied with the products. They offer a warranty for all of their products. CONS:  Most of the... and Review ***

11/22/2009 21:12
PROS: Accept credit cards, 30 days refund policy. CONS: There is just one detailed pictures for each watch. Price is 30% higher that average. Shipping orders takes longer than at other sites. Pictures look genuine. Domain registered Netherlands Associated with - none found. Customer Service no... Review ***

11/01/2011 10:44
PROS: Offers 100% refund if the watch is not working. Shows actual imitation watches pictures.   CONS: To check their payment options, I tried to place a test order. They do accept Visa card, which is great, but my order number is 162, which means that this retailer is very new on the... Review **

05/24/2011 12:50
PROS: Great detailed pictures for each replica item, and a six month warranty. CONS: You can only pay with Western Union or Bank wire. Refunds, returns and even packages seized by customs are subjected to restocking fees, so theoretically you might lose some money without receiving a watch.... Review **

11/08/2011 16:53
  PROS: Features a whole array of imitation products with thousands of replicas including watches, scarfs, shoes and electronic items. There are 5270 fake watches under Rolex category. CONS: This site has the shortest products warranty I’ve ever seen: All our products are... Review **

04/20/2011 10:02
PROS: Accepts Visa and probably Master Card. I say probably because on the shopping cart they advise to pay with VISA. Free shipping worldwide, and user friendly, easy to navigate replica website. CONS:  Prices are extremely high, sometimes 60% above market price. Warranty is 180 days,... Review **

06/13/2011 12:31
  PROS: Accept Visa payments. Wide collection of replica watches, handbags, mobile phones, accessories, clothing, shoes and jewelry. Site has very nice and detailed pictures for each and every item. CONS:  Doesn’t accept MasterCard payments. They charge a restocking fee if... review **

11/10/2009 13:44
PROS: Accept credit cards, offer possibility for refund, there is warranty for their replica watches, but they don't say for what time frame. I love zoom feature on their detailed page. CONS: Prices are 60% higher than average, you can find same quality Omega replica watches for lower price. They... Review **

04/21/2011 18:11
 This site is associated with which recently dropped down in search results. Some other sites from same owner are and Here is a converstation with their customer service: C.M.  wrote: To whom it may... Review **

11/02/2010 17:55
PROS: Accept credit cards, offers refund, even in case you aren't satisfied with the watch. Replacement policy for Japanese replicas is 12 months - this is much more than other sites give. They show short videos for several replicas, which is really nice and unique, but it was really weird... review **

05/21/2010 14:28
 PROS:  Offers payment methods such as Visa, Mastercard, Paypal, Money Gram and Western Union. Within the first 7 days from the delivery there is the possibility of requesting a full refund if the customer isn’t satisfied with the order. All the products come with a one year warranty and... Review *

08/01/2011 15:23
  I don’t recommend buying from this website due to a fact that there is no return policy, no warranty and the watches are of very low quality. Here is just one example of their fake Breitling watch compared to authentic timepiece: As you can see, chronograph markings are way... Review *

07/21/2011 13:44
  PROS: Accept Visa and Master Card payments. Items with quality problems can be returned for a refund. You can also return the products for repair. This store sells hundreds of replica products including watches, jewelry, electronics and clothing. CONS:  Warranty period is... review *

07/04/2011 14:39
 PROS: Sells cheap replica watches and tools. Offers free shipping for big orders. Accept Visa and Master Card and Diners Club credit cards. 14 day refund policy and 12 month warranty.       CONS: Most of the products show genuine watch pictures, instead of real... Review *

07/22/2011 17:00
 It’s very hard to say something positive about this website. The prices are alarmingly low. To maintain margin of profit watchbeef must have reduced quality, customer service, post-sale service and warranty. Pictures: They didn’t even bother to put catalogue pictures of genuine watches.... Review *

07/04/2011 13:54
PROS: Accept Visa and Master Card. Prices are not high, assuming they sell replica watches. CONS:  There is no return or refund policy. You came to this site to buy some imitation watches? Well, in this case you landed on the wrong website. Here is an excerpt from ABOUT US... Review *

06/15/2010 11:06
PROS: Accept credit cards and offers refunds to customers. CONS: This is truly 110% replica site, because it's not just replicating watches, but also copy banners and layout from other websites. If you copy watches, why not to copy pictures. Top banner is edited print screen picture from... review *

10/21/2010 13:47
PROS: The company offers a very wide selection of brands. The products available for sale are Asian and Swiss replica watches, replica pens, boxes and replica phones.  There is a flat shipping fee for all the countries, regardless of the quantity you buy.  User friendly website with an...
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