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05/28/2010 15:25

Lately I have noticed a whole new trend in the replica industry - cheap, really cheap replica watches. Just Google any related keyword and you will find scores of sites selling fake Rolex watches for as little as $49. These sites are poorly made and are full of grammatical mistakes which leads to one conclusion - they are not made to last! How could they be? Any business is built on returning customers and I bet the only returning customers these sites get are those with complaints. I never saw a buyer looking for low quality replicas, and if you're so naive to purchase $49 replica watch, then don't expect anything else. People buy replica watches to show off and if the watch's bezel breaks apart while you're showing off your new watch, it will make you look ridiculous.

Any decent Japanese replica model has a cost somewhere between $30 and $40, and then you must add site expenses (designer, programmer, hosting, SEO, copywriter), current expenses (warehouse, customer service, broken watch replacements, credit card processing fees...etc.). It's just not profitable to sell fake watches for less than $130. These site owners are taking many short cuts: they buy the lowest quality possible, pack and ship by themselves from their own place, answer customer inquiries and take care of customer complaints (or not). Bottom line - you get cheap replica watch that isn't worth $10 with no customer support in case of a problem. And that is the best case scenario. Worst case is that they just use your credit card information for internet fraud and identity theft.

Another thing I noticed is these sites have a network of similar sites, same owner and same products but on different domains. This was exactly the case with one of the sites I reviewed earlier this year It was in the top of Google results for several months. Now you can't even find it on the first 10 pages, while it's "sister" site has climbed up to first page and I'm sure it has a lot of other relatives ready to pop up when the time comes. At first sight this is very confusing. People will kill to be at the top of Google results and they are ready to do anything to stay there so why would a site that managed to be ranked so high suddenly stop promoting itself and drop in Google ranking? The explanation is simple - it doesn't want to be there anymore!!! He got thousands of unhappy customers and his name is ruined forever, so why bother? But if the scheme worked once, it will work again, thus another scam site is heavily promoted.

So take my advice, don't buy cheap replica watches, and remember: if it's too good to be true - it probably is.



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